segunda-feira, 22 de setembro de 2014

Justice Failed

Dead, gagged and raped by monsters being brutally raped mercilessly until she was dead,their parents did not know the story because his daughter was ever getting these things with men more unfortunately everyone has the ''enemies''...,My daughter has never been dating every guy in town says sucker father.
 The daughter:
She looks like a saint it's good looks are smart always gets good grades in school but something makes us much as it can happen from one moment to the other? Girl going out with a man seven years, all couples are accustomed to the alleged who ever bickering right, but she knows a man by facebook but it was her job, the two begin to like you and want to know the rest of the story ... so wait and see, no no no happened the supposed 'death' 'you think that your beautiful daughter is already a saint gave more persecuted for a whole herd..Knowing that his son in law is a good guy, and even more to be betrayed by a guy I've never seen in my life, that to me is shame and lack of education, and the dreaded lack of parental support.
Bitch fucking:
Knowing that his daughter is a tremendous bitch, her parents are unresponsive to learn it all, she just loves picking and picking limp cock hahaha, knowing that all this is a lack of shame, I wonder how can I have a sister like that?.
The saint died?:
She did not die, she has two boyfriends and the 7 years I do not know ... tou crazy to say that to see her suffer ... but as I am not evil I will not talk.

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